Window tinting is a sophisticated feature for your vehicle which only looks good when implemented well. Tints on your car windows are not only for great looks but also shelter the insides from the harsh rays of the sun at scorching temperatures.

Sometimes window tinting isn’t aligned properly or the application is flimsy. This gives a very shabby look which is always undesirable. When not done properly, the tint films can peel off easily and hinder the function. You might need to get frequent replacements. This is why you should get your window tinting done from a trustworthy place.

We at Frankton Motor expertise in window tinting done through computer cut tinting technique. This allows us to provide you with the best picture-perfect and accurately fitting tints for you windows.

Our expert mechanics ensure that the tint film application is 100% accurate. This can be easily done through micro edge-cutting technology for a flawless and quicker film application. You can even opt for custom tint designs of your choice to have a flavour of your style on your window tints!