Tyres make the backbones of any vehicle and they come with lots of safety factors in force. With constant use, braking and cornering the tyre treads are bound to be worn out and eventually lose their grip.

It can be really dangerous to drive around with tyres that are not well inflated or are damaged in any manner. Even over inflated tyres can adversely affect the way your vehicle responds to a drive. Thus, keeping the tyres in good health is a thing of prime concern.

We can keep you updated by bringing to you the best tyres for the model. You can rely on us for a complete check of making sure your tyres are well inflated and safe to use on a regular basis.

We also provide wheel alignment services which are very important to determine the handling of your car. Contact Frankton Motor to get the best tyre services and ensure driving safety, fuel efficiency, improved steering and an extended suspension life for your vehicle.