Radiator Repairs and Radiator Flush

We all know the importance of a radiator in keeping your engine to the best of its health. A healthy radiator makes sure that your engine does not overheat and the optimum temperature can be maintained at all times.

A radiator not only cools the engine but also temperature corrects it by keeping the coolant in check. The fins of the radiator may get damaged with time as the liquid passes through it regularly. These can be damaged by other factors like stones, dirt, gravel or even small insects that might creep in. Sometimes the attached plastic tanks can get cracked with the constant temperature fluctuations that it is subjected to.

These are the primary reasons why you need to make sure your radiator works well. You need the correct mixture of water and coolant for your engine. A radiator flush can help to clean out all the sludge from your car radiator along with any other contaminants.

We offer radiator repairs along with periodic radiator flushes to help maintain your car radiators to their optimum best.