Car scratches and deep dents can be really frustrating. Scratches vary from hardly noticeable to deep or in expert tone. It is differentiated into 3 kinds i.e clear coat scratch, primer-level scratch, and deep-paint scratch. We repair all.

In modern collision repair, both the quality of the work delivered, as well as the speed of repair, highly depend on the right combination of products, materials, and systems. When we talk about panel repair, we mean repairing damage to a panel without having to replace it. In some cases, it is possible to dismount the panel from the car in order to save time and material in masking, this can be a good choice especially when repairing car doors.

The one reason your vehicle’s value decreases the minute you drive it off the lot, it’s the rust. That said, preventing rust damage isn’t expensive if you remain watchful and catch it early. Rust is that dirty orange-red-brown coating that corrodes metal exposed to air and water. First, rust forms on exposed surfaces. If untreated, that surface rust flakes and proceeds out and downwards, eventually eating right through the metal. Salt speeds the whole process up. At Frankton Motor we offer different levels of rust repair, working tirelessly to protect the remaining value of your vehicle. Reach out to your local shop today to see how our professional technicians can help.