Brake Repairs and Service

It can be difficult to gauge break issues and failures with your vehicle without major mishaps. There are a few common indicators that can help you understand this issue. When your breaks are squealing or there is a tendency of a pull to the vehicle on a side, these can be indicative of damaged breaks.

We offer brake repair services at Frankton Motor. Our expert group of mechanics can inspect your brake system to carry out any repairs necessary for your vehicle. We can also get your brake hose and fluid checked to determine if any replacements are required.

Even in cases where no serious issues are present the noises and sounds can be rectified due to whatever internal obstacle that is present in it causing it. If you observe any changes in your braking system just get it checked by our mechanics and we will suggest the appropriate remedy.

We can fix splits in brake hoses, rusty brake pipes, any other leaks in the system or whatever is responsible for the irregularity in the braking system.